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Operating at two venues in the Oakden area North East of Adelaide, the Tea Tree Gully Learners is an AUSTSWIM™ accredited non-profit organisation that seeks to maintain an affordable fee structure. This is achieved through good financial management and the contribution of volunteers. The affordable fee structure enables children to learn to swim with high quality coaches and be involved in a well run local organisation.

Swimming lessons allow your child to develop:

  • Skills and confidence in swimming including stroke technique
  • Personal and interpersonal skills through involvement in a sporting activity
  • Fitness. This has positive implications for general health and well being of swimmers
  • Enjoyment of swimming recreationally and later as a competitive sport.
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The Tea Tree Gully Learners is a learn to swim service provided by the Tea Tree Gully Amateur Swimming Club Inc. The Tea Tree Gully Learners is a great way for your child to learn the art of swimming whilst having fun in a family friendly environment.
As swimmers progress through the Learn to Swim Stages, they are encouraged to take swimming on as a sport and continue their swimming involvement through the Tea Tree Gully Amateur Swimming Club.

Swimming and Safety

Each year, almost 50 children under the age of 15 drown in Australia. Water safety is one reason why it's so important for children to be introduced to the water in a safe and positive environment and become competent swimmers. By supporting your child to learn to swim you are promoting their safety. They also receive many other benefits including improved health, coordination, fitness, learning capacity and a pathway to a great Australian sport. Although it has a cost for you to get them to lessons they will thank you for it when they grow older.

Learn to Swim Coordinator

Yvonne Peacock
Ph: 0411 323 127
Email: learners@ttgsc.org.au

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Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre Pool - 207 Hampstead Road, Northfield 5085 (Friday 4:00pm to 5:30pm; Sunday 3.00pm to 6:00pm)
Strathmont Centre Pool - 696-710 Grand Junction Road, Oakden 5086 (Monday 5:30pm to 7:30pm; Saturday 1-5pm)


6 months and above

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Turtle (6mths-3yrs) (level 1)

  • Moving through the water independently using floatation aid
  • Aided star float
  • Face in water
  • Blowing bubbles
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Tadpole Beginner (level 2)

  • Moving through the water independently using floatation aid
  • Aided star float
  • Face in water
  • Blowing bubbles
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Tadpole Advanced (level 3)

  • Push off wall and glide(3m)
  • Torpedo kick(streamline)
  • Confident back kick with board
  • Safe jump into deep water with doggie paddle to the side
  • Basic freestyle arms
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Platypus Beginner (level 4)

  • Freestyle arms
  • Learn and master backstroke arms with board
  • Freestyle breathing with board
  • Confident 7m freestyle swim
  • Confident front and back float for 10 seconds
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Platypus Advanced (level 5)

  • 7m backstroke
  • 7m Freestyle breathing
  • Tread water for 30 seconds
  • Pin drop entry into deep water
penguin image

Penguin (level 6)

  • Swim 15m Freestyle
  • Attempted Bi-lateral breathing
  • Swim 15m Backstroke
  • Duck dive to retrieve object
  • Introduction to basic dive
  • Introduction to Breaststroke Kick
seal image

Seal (level 7)

  • Swim 21m Freestyle (1 lap)
  • Swim 21m Backstroke (1 lap)
  • Efficient Breaststroke Kick
  • Standing Dive
dolphin image

Dolphin (level 8)

  • Swim 42m Freestyle (2 laps)
  • Swim 42m Backstroke (2 laps)
  • Swim 14m Breaststroke
  • Racing Dive
  • Butterfly Kick
  • Somersault
shark image

Shark (level 9)

  • Swim 100m Freestyle
  • Swim 100m Backstroke
  • Swim 100m Breaststroke
  • Swim 14m Butterfly
  • Complete starts, turns and finishes for each stroke
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Squad Training

After your child has successfully completed the learners program, your may consider to continue swimming with the development training squad.

The swim squads have swimmers at a range of levels and the club will always strive to reach each swimmers full potential. Interaction and transfer between squads will be encouraged and accommodated to suit family and swimmers needs.

  • Development Squad
  • State Squad
  • National Squad

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Learner Program


Our Coordinators and Learners Instructors have Austswim accreditation and Assistants have at least Bronze Medallion and Junior Instructor awards or equivalent. All of our coaching staff are bound by the Austswim Teachers Code of Behaviour.

Health Fund Benefits


Tea Tree Gully Learners (Swim School) is an AUSTSWIM recognised swim centre. Therefore if you meet individual health funds (BUPA or HCF) terms and conditions you are eligible to claim back a portion of your child's learn to swim lesson fees.

Learn to Swim Awards

Swimmers receive skill certificates for completion of each of the 9 Learn to Swim Stages and encouragement awards during the year.

Although not members of the TTGASC, TTGLearner swimmers are invited to participate in internal Club Championships and other internal events such as the TTGASC presentation evening.

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Parent Participation

Parents are expected to volunteer their services to maintain the Learn to Swim Program and are required to help out at time keepers at Time Trials.

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Transition to TTGSC Development Squad

Swimmers who have competency in freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and the basics of butterfly may continue their involvement in swimming for fitness or as a sport by joining the TTGASC.

The first two weeks of Squad Training for TTGLearners is complimentary.In addition the first year of TTGSC membership fee is waived for swimmers joining from TTG Learners – this is a $55 saving.

Feedback or Complaints

Feedback and informal complaints may be given to the Learners Coordinators.

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The fees are set to maintain an affordable fee structure. The affordable fee structure enables children to learn to swim with high quality instructors.

Fees are payable by term block and are due by the third week of each term. Payment methods include credit/debit card, EFT to bank account, cash or cheque. Fees are payable for non attendance unless a doctors certificate is produced. If a lesson is missed due to illness and a Doctors certificate is shown the fee for the lesson is $1, otherwise the full fee is payable.

There is no swimming on public holidays or during the public school holidays.

Current Fees

  • $12 for first child - 30 minutes
  • $11 for second and third child - 30 minutes
  • $9 for subsequent children
  • $14 for first child - 45 minutes (higher levels)
  • $13 for second child and third child - 45 minutes (higher levels)

'Make-up Lesson' Policy

TTG Learners aims to provide make-up lessons where possible for missed lessons, but the following rules apply:

  • If your child is sick, please notify the Coordinator 2 hours before the lesson. Your child is able to do a make-up lesson when the next space is available.
  • If notified before the lesson, the Coordinator will do their best to arrange another time for a make-up lesson, however, there are no guarantees.
  • If your child misses a lesson and the Coordinator is not notified before the lesson – a make-up lesson will not be offered.
  • Please ensure that you have used any make up lessons before the end of this term as any make up lessons will not be carried over to the next term. (Extra time slots are available on Saturdays.)

Extra Lessons

If you're interested in your child progressing faster by swimming double lessons or having two lessons on separate days please talk to the TTG Learners Coordinator as there are some spaces available.


6 months and above

Learn to Swim Coordinator

Yvonne Peacock
Ph: 0411 323 127
Email: learners@ttgsc.org.au

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